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Cybercrime forensics talks about the application of various investigative techniques just like we do at Atrium Forensics to collate evidences from a particular device in a suitable way for presentation in a law court. It also
involves the preservation of the collated evidence from loss, damage or compromise.
Cybercrime forensics also has to do with the analysis of the collated evidence so as to gather and harvest facts and details to support or counter points during legal proceedings in a court of law. The main goal of cybercrime forensics is performance of structured investigation while a documented Network of evidence is maintained to discover the real truth of the incidents that transpired on a computing device and who exactly was responsible for it.
This particular line of professionalism is performed by computer forensic investigators. What they do is to typically follow a pattern of working procedure. They physically isolate the device in question to ensure its safety from accidental contamination or damage then they make a digital copy of its storage media. As soon as they have the original storage media copied, they ensure that the it is locked in a safe or a maximally secured facility to reasonably guarantee its pristine condition then proceed to having all investigation done on the digital copy.
Computer forensic investigators make use of various techniques and proprietary software forensic programs to conduct examinations on the digital copy of the storage media, conducting searches on hidden folders and unallocated disk space for files that have been encrypted, damaged or deleted. Evidences that are found on the digital copy will be filed in a “finding report” and a verification with the original will be conducted in preparation for legal proceedings involving depositions, discovery or actual litigation. With accompanying course work and certifications accepted globally, computer forensics has become its own area of scientific
Not so many forensics outlets have the capacity and competence to handle these sensitive lines  of work with the required professionalism and skill. Atrium forensics however are specially equipped to deliver mind blowing results in this field.

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