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A forensic detective can also be referred to as a forensic scientist. They are specially trained and skilled in using scientific analysis to unravel the truths behind diverse kinds of criminal cases for law enforcement agencies. Forensic detectives conduct reviews on evidences from crime scenes and skillfully and professionally do the analysis of how a crime may have been perpetrated and also uncover the person or persons behind the crime. Forensic detectives really need to possess very strong communication skills, both verbal and
written. It is very pertinent that they are very vast with using scientific methods and logic to identify the various strengths and weaknesses of situations, inclusive of the ones they are working on. They also have the special skill that enables them look at a scenario and identify patters or notice omissions so in other words, they must have an eye for details. They need to be up to date with latest technologies so their crime analysis can be very thorough.
The nature of the jobs of forensic detectives demands that they have a very solid understanding of some basic science phenomena such as the tissues and cell formation of plants and animals and how they react to outside factors, also a solid understanding of chemical structures and the processes they undergo over time. A very standard knowledge of algebra, statistics, geometry and calculus is important. One of the most important is an ability to handle evidences due to the sensitivity of their nature so they are admissible in the court.
It is very obvious that not so many of professionals in this field are available and accessible due to the complexities involved in the tasks they are assigned. Atrium forensics have a very robust
team of these professionals with multiple past success stories in this field.

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