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We are a 21st century compliant forensic firm with a full fledged
commitment to excellence in service delivery. We are sold out to the passion for delivering mind blowing results,

Who We Are

We have a robust clientele base as we render services to Individuals, organizations, institutions and service groups ranging from Healthcare and construction to energy and technology and every other industry. While our corporate head office is located in Glendale, Arizona, our services are delivered in all continents of the world with respect to every relevant diversity.

Our Services

Recovery from romance scam

Romance scams stand tall as one of the oldest and most gruesome ways by which fraudsters swindle unsuspecting individuals.

Recovery from investment scams.

There is a thin line between a legitimate business and an investment fraud. Something may go wrong and a good business becomes fraudulent.

Private forensic investigations.

At Atrium forensics, we run a very wide variety of investigations services to expose information and details hidden in your data.

Is there any project you want us to execute?


Highly recommend this service. They stepped in when another recovery service I'd employed to help me virtually disappeared! Johnathan jumped into action on my case & did more for me in a few weeks than had happened in months. He was understanding, thorough & kept in contact working around time differences smoothly. We managed to recover over half of my lost funds which is more than satisfactory, considering I thought it was gone forever!
I was scammed by Tradefintech, Ashfordinvestment and in 2018. I tried getting help from recovery firm and contacted atrium forensics for help. I spoke with john . They clearly know the business and provide valuable advice. i like their " no-win-no-fee guarantee scheme.
I lost a very significant amount of money to a dishonest and unethical Trading Company who were preying on my inexperience and naivety as it turns out .atriumforensics guided me through the process of reclaiming my funds from this company and through their help and guidance I managed to recover 90% of my lost fund. They are professional and take no upfront.

Blog Posts

There are lots of memes centered on obvious scenarios of people falling victim to investment scams. The truth is we all can still fall for such tricks if we are not extra careful. Most investment scams use the same basic principles. The set person who is always likable,friendly and professional promises great profit, assurance of …
A robbery occurred down the road that involved a huge loss of cash to a well known company. It was clear,the security personnel was caught unawares and this crippled all responses that was needed to stop the operation. It took a while before the cops arrived. When they did,they only met the sad faces of …