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Atrium forensics is a global frontier in forensic investigation, recoveries, data analysis, trainings and consultancy services. We are a 21st century compliant forensic firm with a full fledged commitment to excellence in service delivery. Sold out to the passion for delivering mind blowing results, we maximise a combination of cutting edge technology and top notch staff expertise, with the industry’s best practices to create a viable solution to our clients’ difficulties.

We are a result oriented firm with a broad sphere of service delivery ranging from Private investigations, Forensic investigations into alleged fraud, Fraud awareness trainings, Anti- money laundering policies and programs, Recovery from romance scam, organizational fraud and anti corruption awareness surveys, Recovery from investment scams, Recovery from real estate scams, Recovery from wire fraud scams, Recovery from Ponzi scheme scams, Digital forensic analysis, Data imaging, recovery, extraction and analysis.

We have a robust clientele base as we render services to Individuals, organizations, institutions and service groups ranging from Healthcare and construction to energy and technology and every other industry. While our corporate head office is located in Glendale, Arizona, our services are delivered in all continents of the world with respect to every relevant diversity.

Our partners and different service teams are dogged in their approach to solving forensics related problems without any affinity whatsoever for compromise as the bedrock of our working structure is integrity. We have stood the test of time and we have gained a reputation as a major force in the industry. Our trail blazing results are fast becoming trend setters across the globe.

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