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If by chance you had a reason to ask yourself the question “should I hire a private investigator”?, there is every probability that the answer is yes or better still, you should put a call through to one to figure out if it is a wise decision.
At Atrium forensics, we are sold out to helping everyone take smart decisions on matters like this. Through a thorough cost- benefit analysis, we help clients determine whether the decision of hiring a private investigator is a wise one or not. With partnership with professionals from all walks of life, we strive towards uncovering the truth behind every situation. Investigations on issues ranging from infidelity, background research, criminal investigation, digital forensics and GPS tracking are reasons to hire a private investigator so the variation is pretty wide. Atrium forensics have heard and seen it all and not one of them is beyond our capability range.
A lof of people turn to Atrium forensics for help in this field for so many reasons. Here are some common reasons we have observed over the years:

1. Suspected cheating spouse

There is a lot at stake when there are suspicions of infidelity about a spouse. If you make attempts of approaching the partner in question and you end up being right, things have the chances of getting very complicated so quickly. Even in cases that you’re wrong, any of the possible outcome can have very serious consequences.
The smart thing to do is to seek the opinion of a disinterested third party before your emotions cloud up your logical faculty. This has to be someone who has no stakes in the truth- nothing to
gain or lose from it. That way, you don’t only get it all cleared, you get evidences as well.
If your last resort is dissolving the marriage legally as it is in so many cases, a portfolio of evidence remains a very sacrosanct part of your pursuit and these may include photographs, text and phone call records and email exchanges.

2. Child custody dispute

When there is a divided house, there is a possibility that the kids end up being collateral damages. When situations go this way, shared values often give way and there is a frequent cause for concern. If you have fears about the safety and general well being of your child or children, you will need very vivid evidences that can help you push for a change in their custody situation and that can legitimately be done only in the court of law. From background checks to covert surveillance and research, hiring a private investigator will ensure a deployment of professional strategies to find out what exactly is going on and help buttress your claims in the
legal proceedings.

3. Suspected staff false claims

So many things transpire in the work place and as good as some members of staff can be, a lot of things go in in their mind translating to funny happenings. As long as there is a workplace “me” and a “you”, there is a likelihood of falsehood and deceit. There are so many cases of employees trying to pull a fast one on their employers. An example of a falsified sickness or a faked occupational hazard can be very costly.
If you have suspicions of falsehood about a compensation claim filed by an employee or a
group of employees, a private investigator may just be a go-to in getting to the root of it. If it can be proven that it is a staged one or at least exaggerated for personal benefits, you have a case
and your evidences provided by your private investigator will be your saving grace.


The world of private investigation has really evolved over the years and one of it’s greatest achievements is ensuring that “deleted” doesn’t mean totally lost anymore. In times past, people could hide behind the fact that some data are not accessible but now, almost anything can be pulled out and resurfaced.
Data can be siphoned from almost any device these days. There are countless ways of unraveling the truth ranging from data stored on cellphones, computers etc.
When these data are harvested correctly, digital forensics can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in investigations. Atrium forensics are well known for using up to date data recovery tools while investigating cases privately.
Data can be extracted from nearly all devices these days. From data stored on computers, cell
phones and drones to information floating around by way of social networking sites, the cloud,
and location data, there are innumerable ways to unearth the truth. Engaging the services of a
private investigator like Atrium forensics can prove to be an excellent use of resources and time.

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